In the wealth accumulation phase, your earned income is saved for both current and future needs and desires. While in this phase, many wealth-eroding factors could interfere and prevent you from trying to build the maximum wealth possible. The factors and problems you may face are…


• Cash Flow Shortage
• Debt
• Increasing Taxes
• Income Taxes
• Inflation
• Market Fluctuations
• Interest Rate Changes
• Lawsuits
• Lost Opportunity Costs
• Fees & Charges
• Loan Interest and More

Some of these problems could be accentuated by utilizing certain traditional financial strategies such as compounding interest, dividend and capital gain reinvestment, tax deferred retirement plans such as an IRA, 401(k), prepaying mortgages, saving money for college education and many others. While many of these strategies may have advantages, they may also have disadvantages that you may not be aware of.

Using the PS&G Model® and Wealth In Motion® software, we will assist you in measuring and coordinating the financial decisions to help you solve these problems.

Our primary objective is to provide you with strategies to help you minimize problems and protect and grow your wealth to meet your financial goals.

Our objectives are to help you:

• Reduce Income Taxes
• Reduce Market Risks
• Reduce Debt
• Improve Cash Flow
• Avoid Lost Opportunity Costs
• Increase Rates of Return
• Increase Protection from:
• Lawsuit
• Death
• Disability
• Fully Control Assets
• Eliminate Unnecessary Fees, Costs and Charges

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