Who We Are

“Worry less, live more.” 


It’s pretty simple. At KOHR Financial & Insurance Services our mission is to allow our clients to worry less and live more.

We are an independent, fiduciary financial advising firm providing personalized, comprehensive asset-building and protection services to growth and goal-oriented clients, allowing them to have the confidence to face life’s challenges and freedom to make educated decisions for their financial future. Our clients are able to rely on us to look out for their best interests and help them achieve their personal goals. Whether it’s retirement, travel or just spending more time with family and friends we are proud that our clients get to spend less time worrying about their financial future and more time living. 

And as you think about your goals, just remember that a goal without a plan is simply a wish.

Wishes are great for fountains and birthdays but NOT your financial future. KOHR has a multi-faceted approach that all starts with listening to you, helping you determine your financial goals and then working with you to develop a plan. Once you have that plan, you can make all the wishes you want.

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